Let Me Be the One
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Let Me Be the One by Lily Foster

Lily Foster "will satisfy discerning fans of the new-adult genre." -Kirkus Reviews Do you remember the day we met? I was sitting across from you. My boyfriend was sitting next to me. It was never a love triangle. Any feelings I had for him had long since faded, and he had no one to blame for that train wreck but himself. I thought I was leaving for good. But I came back…for you. Do you remember the day you came back? You were gone for so long. Thought I lost you when I’d never had you to begin with. I hated him for running you off, and hated myself for the person I’d become. I wasn’t good enough then. But I changed…for you. Let Me Be the One is the first book in Lily Foster’s bestselling Let Me series. First loves, forbidden age gap, second chance romance and friends to lovers...Find out why readers are calling the Let Me series "an irresistible, binge-worthy read." Book1: Let Me Be the One Book 2: Let Me Love You Book 3: Let Me Go Book 4: Let Me Heal Your Heart Book 5: Let Me Fall Book 6: When I Let You Go Every book can be read as a standalone, and all are intended for readers 18 and older due to *mature content*
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