Leave it for the Rain
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Leave it for the Rain by Wendy Lindstrom

A Love She Can’t Remember… A Woman He Can’t Forget On the Eve of her wedding Rebecca Grayson suffers a tragic accident and wakes surrounded by a loving family and a handsome fiancé she doesn’t recognize. Feeling adrift and alone, she struggles to remember her life¾and Adam. He wants to help her rediscover their intimate past and passionate plans for a future together, but he is a stranger to her. Despite her attraction to Adam, she wonders if she can keep her promise to marry him and if she’ll ever find her way back to the boy who had promised her forever. “This is one of the loveliest books I have ever read! It was very emotional. Definitely a keeper.”—Starjessame “This story is so purely romantic, I cried! It is a beautiful representation of true love and what a person will do for another that holds their heart.”—Cara A. Lichtenegger “This story will fill you with love then break your heart then mend it back together.”—Terri D “Five stars! I've loved her books since I was 14! Almost 20 now. Fantastic writer, sweet story! Big fan.”—Emily “I had to wait to review, it touched me so. To have a personal experience with TBI, this story touched me in such a way I will read it again. I would even buy a copy for my library. I copied quotes, cried and laughed through the story, as I relived my own, no matter what of the story was different. This is a story of love, and overcoming, and of faith, and true love.” —Sunrise
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