Least Likely Two
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Least Likely Two by Jill Westwood

He thinks they're soulmates. She thinks they're enemies. What could go wrong? Hollister When I walk into my twenty-fifth high school reunion, I have one mission: to prove to Ben Rose, my co-valedictorian and nemesis, that I've finally made it. I've got a high-profile PR client, a kickass daughter in college, and my two best friends at my side. Suck it, Ben Rose. Ben There's only one person on my mental highlight reel from high school, the magnificent Hollister Moran. Bombshell redhead with a punk rock aesthetic and a beautiful brain. The only problem? She hates me. Always has. To have a future with her, I have to confront the mistakes and secrets of the past, Melville High School, class of 1998. Wish me luck. Least Likely Two is book one in the spicy midlife romance series Better Than Ever. Love and laughter don't end at forty!
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