Lady In Demand
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Lady In Demand by Wendy Vella


Be swept away by the romance, intrigue, unconventional heroines, and dashing heroes, by USA Today Bestselling Author Wendy Vella’s regency romance series.

Miss Phoebe Langley doesn’t fit into society. She’s willful and outspoken. Oh, and not only is she in business, she once earned her living as a highwayman. Not the type of scandalous behavior appropriate for a debutante. She shouldn't care what people think about her, especially the stuffy Marquess Finneous Levermarch, but she does, and even worse, she soon realizes she has feelings for him.

Finn has never met a women who annoys him more than Phoebe. She has a total disregard for society’s rules and it seems everyone, but he excuses her behaviour simply because she is beautiful. He wants a wife who is gentle and sweet, not one who makes him gnash his teeth. Why then can he think of no one but her?

Lady In Disguise
Lady In Demand
Lady In Distress
The Lady Plays Her Ace
The Lady Seals Her Fate
The Lady's Dangerous Love
The Lady’s Forbidden Love

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