Knight and Day
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Knight and Day by Margaux Thorne

A lady searching for excitement … A knight stuck in his past … Lady Alice of Wakefield has never been the most adventurous of her sisters. She lives to paint and, knowing a husband will only stand in her way, decides to join a convent so she can practice her art to her heart’s content. But when the nearby convent denies her request to become a nun, she throws caution to the wind and disguises herself to join a band of traveling masons and artisans as they make their way to their next job. Little does Alice know it will set her on a collision course with her past … One of the few Saxon lords who has managed to retain his home after the Norman invasion, Lord Leofric of Monbury is determined to keep his family’s legacy intact. A marriage to the King’s niece would cement his place in this new world order. But when he meets a vibrant young woman claiming she can transform his chapel into a fitting memorial for his deceased father, he finds his loyalty to his King tested. Can Leofric bury the feelings Alice awakens in him or will the future he envisions with her be too exciting to pass up? Set in the turbulent years immediately after the Norman conquest, Knight and Day is a full-length historical romance and the third book in The Peace-Weavers Series. Please do not purchase if you are offended by strong language and or sex scenes.
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