Kings and Sirens
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Kings and Sirens by India Amare

Just out of sight exists a world of magic, vampires, monsters, and royalty all on the brink of war… I traveled north to visit the bear shifters. The Heida are as enormous and reclusive as the stories claimed, living like Viking warriors, drinking and fighting and loving with wild abandon on the edge of the world. I have to admit keeping up with them is a challenge. Especially their grumpy future king, Atsila, who thinks he can resist me and the call of Fate. But I have a few magical tricks up my sleeve that should change his mind...and prove useful against the threat the Heida have kept hidden from us all. *** Leena of the House of Wren thinks she wants me. As the future king it’s my job to protect the Heida, not fall for a tiny, beautiful vampire outsider. Sure I’m attracted to her, but there’s no way she could possibly handle me, a bear shifter and future ruler. But Fate seems to have plans for us. She’s made for me in ways I could not have anticipated. And when danger comes to our doorstep, it’s her I will protect with my life. Even if it means crawling into doors of hell. *Kings and Sirens is a full length stand alone novel in the Blood Falls world.
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