King of Time
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King of Time by Sky Sommers

A fake princess. A talking horse. A stableboy who pulls a sword out of a stone despite the hovering harpy. And Time falling for a mortal. Grappling with writer's block Lila wishes for more time and...gets a hot dude who claims he's just what she ordered and there to help. Next, she is given a kingdom and a first-hand experience of figments of her imagination taking over her life. As Lila keeps unsticking herself from sticky situations Time - who likes to be called Adam - discovers emotions. With a stableboy, a potential deity and the warrior king all vying for her affections, Lila has to navigate how to keep her friendships and her dignity intact. A quirky pre-Arthurian romp through an imaginary kingdom, which will have you chuckling. No cusswords, sex or profanity in this fairy-tale for adults. Also suitable for young adult readers. Optimists and pessimists each get their own ending - because there are moments when the decisions we or others take lead to completely different outcomes.
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