Junior “Eh”
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Junior “Eh” by TB Mann

Three chances to experience love. Domineering and neglectful parents. Does she have the courage to defy them, to take what she really wants? Excited for her summer of freedom, Kayla longs to experience life. Something she doesn't while under the all seeing eye of her stepmother. With the help of newly minted professional hockey players, the neighbour boy, Ryan, and his best friend, Kris, love is in the air. But when an emergency at home rips her away, can their love survive? Devastated and confused, Kayla struggles to meet the new demands placed by her parents. Problems better suited to an adult, not a sheltered teenage girl. But when her sister's student doctor, Adam, offers more than a shoulder to lean on, does she have the courage to take another risk? Life isn't finished with her yet. Punches continue to come. It's all part of growing up. Making tough decisions and standing on her own two feet. But does she have the courage to leap from Junior "Eh" to the big leagues? This coming of age story is the first book in the completed duet about the loved shared by Kayla, Ryan, Kris, and Adam. Their second chance love story can be found in Changing On The Fly. Read their story along with the love stories of Ryan's two other professional hockey playing brothers in the Red Line Series, books about sharing love.
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