Irresistible Seduction
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Irresistible Seduction by Kaylee Monroe

I’m blaming my one-night stand with Nick Pallas on the wedding champagne. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it, especially since Nick is my best friend’s brother and totally off-limits. When I’d run into Nick at an old friend’s wedding, I’d been grateful to have someone to talk to and dance with—especially a hot Greek of a guy I’d harbored a secret crush on for years. After a recent break-up, it was nice to feel wanted and desired. I wasn’t looking for anything serious, and he definitely gave me a night to remember. Except Nick wanted more than just that one night, and I wasn’t prepared for his brand of seduction—the way he made me feel, physically and emotionally. Resisting him was impossible, yet trusting another man with my heart wasn’t so easy . . . Irresistible Seduction is a steamy, best friend’s brother romance with a guaranteed happily ever after.
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