Inferno: Enemies to Lovers Romantic Suspense
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A man of war, a woman to fight for. Inferno is a spicy, suspenseful enemies to lovers romance that will steal your heart from the first page and won't let go. Gage O’Rourke, a broken warrior working for a gambling kingpin is forced to kidnap, Sophie, a valiant young heiress to hold as leverage over her brother who owes the kingpin a lot of money. Gage wants to escape the life he is in, and delivering Sophie is the key. But then... Gage: I should know better than to think I can protect her. I’m a dark, dangerous disaster who leaves only destruction. But when I saw her taking care of those abandoned newborn babies, something stirred in me… something ancient… This is why knights of old battled for the favors of a fine woman. She is the kind of woman for whom a man will go to war. Except I’m the one who put her in danger, who put her at risk. Damn her! She’s making me reckless, messing up my mind with stupid sentiments I thought I had put behind me long ago. If I’m not careful, letting my feelings for her get the better of me, will get me killed. Sophie: I fought as hard as I could when he kidnapped me. Feeling the way I do, when I see the powerful curve of his back, when he touches me, is all kinds of wrong. But then why is he trying to save me from my brother's enemies? Why is he on the run with me? And why, oh why, do I even care about this broken warrior’s nightmares... If you like a contemporary romance with undeniable chemistry, action, and the redemption of a wounded hero, then Inferno is the love story for you! ------Sizzling, stand-alone with no cliffhanger, no cheating, and a happily-ever-after guaranteed!
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