In Your Dreams
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In Your Dreams by Caz May

AIDAN I’ve known since I was twelve that I love boys. And I most certainly have a type. The pretty boy, surfer boy type of guy and the one boy I’ve been crushing on forever, despite other crushes is Thayer Keyes. He’s hundred per cent straight, or so he says and is never without a girl in his orbit. He’s slept with most of the girls in Lockgrove Bay apparently. And looks at nerdy, never been with anyone me like I’m ocean weed. I’ll never have a chance with him. Things get intense with us when we finish school, things that have me questioning everything. And things are only made worse and more complicated when somehow I end up with Thayer as my roommate at university, and stupidly I completely fall for him and his charm. He keeps telling me he’s straight, and shutting me out, over and over again, but the tension between us is palpable. In an effort to stop myself from thinking about him, I turn to dating apps and another stupid idea that I really don’t want to talk about. Both are big epic failures of course. Because honestly, I’d rather have no one if I can’t have Thayer. THAYER I don't like boys. I have a girlfriend, fake girlfriend, but no one but her knows that. I don't like boys, but I do love one boy. Aidan Chatman makes my heart race and fills my dirty thoughts and fantasies. But I can't be with him, can't let anyone know I'm gay. I've got a reputation to maintain, and being with guys isn't going to keep up appearances, especially when the guy I want most is a nerd like Aidan. It's annoying that he's absolutely gorgeous, and gets to me like no one else with just a glance in my direction. When I have a heated moment with him after graduation, I'm questioning myself, all my feelings for him and wondering if I'm actually gay. Or if it's just Aidan. Ending up as roommates wasn't part of my plan, but I can't say I'm hating being in close quarters with him, especially when things get naughty between us. We shut each other out, but I know he wants me. And even though if my dad finds out and follows through on his threat of shooting me dead if I kiss a boy I want it all with Aidan. I'd honestly rather become celibate than not be with Aidan. An MM bully & roommates to lovers high school/college romance.
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