Ice Cold Hearts
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Ice Cold Hearts by Sofia T Summers

Kiss my single-mom routine goodbye. Three drop-dead gorgeous hockey players just iced my world. Dating one of them would be a media circus, but three? Their team is called ‘Cold Hearts', a joke considering the way they make me feel. Guess opposites attract, even on the ice. Alexei, the captain is a frozen tundra on the rink, but a volcanic eruption in bed. Oliver, the goalie, deflects pucks and my defenses with his killer charm. And Ian, the rookie, hides a fiery intensity under his sweet smile. Date nights are a riot of stolen kisses, laughter, and laundry piles that rival the penalty box. Except, there's a secret icing on this delicious cake: one of these guys is my daughter's father. But the truth is a penalty I can't afford.
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