I Would Never…Except When Bad Love’s For Good (I Would Never Companion series)
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Kissing frogs won’t turn them into princes – but kissing outlaw royalty can set the world on fire.


Always the best friend, never the soulmate. Hiding her loneliness with jokes and sass while supporting others but never herself.

Stuck on the idea of a hollywood fairytale - sure it’s what she needs - the opposite of her first experience with love.

Only she’s never forgotten him.


Once a jerk in high school, following the playbook of a cocky douchebag, he lost the only girl he ever loved.

Never getting over Maicy left Jake lost for a long time.

Until he found the only other love that could keep him going. Brotherhood, in the COARS motorcycle club.


When the past and present collide sparks fly and opposites can’t help but attract. Even if it means danger and ruin for them both.

Jake’s a different man than Maicy remembers. Tattooed, huge, and dangerous. But Maicy’s changed too.

She’s not so sure she cares about the laws the club breaks, or the danger that comes with Jake's brotherhood.

Except…in order for them to find out if they can make a second chance work, Jake has to go to hell and back to save Maicy, before he can even try to convince her his heart is hers. Forever

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“I do things like get in a taxi and say, "The library, and step on it.” ― David Foster Wallace, Infinite Jest

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