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Hush by Mica Rae

One night shatters her world. That same night he vows to protect her…forever. Edie never expected the school’s golden boy to ignore her cries of no. She never imagined she’d become the villain in her rape story. When no one else believes her, she turns to the boy who’s always been by her side. Dean has wanted Edie since the fourth grade, but not like this. Not the broken girl who’s a shell of her former self. Especially not now, when he’s forced to keep a secret from her that could mean he loses her again… only this time forever. Can Edie and Dean find happiness despite all odds? This is a full-length friends to lovers romance. You can read it as a standalone or as part of the I’m Yours series. Attention Reader: There are scenes in this book that describe Edie’s rape and the aftermath. If you are uncomfortable with reading such scenes, please proceed with caution.
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