His Tuscan Prince
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His Tuscan Prince by Ella Brighton

I thought I’d met my soulmate in Tuscany. Turns out he’s the prince of England. I signed up to volunteer on a Tuscan honey farm because I had to get away from the mess back home. My family and my dream career imploded when my sister died, and ever since then I’ve been drinking my life away and low-key pretending I’m straight. But I’m snapped out of it when a hot guy approaches me while I’m selling honey at the market in San Giovanni Valdarno. We hit it off right away, and when he leaves without giving me so much as a name, I’m determined to track him down. It turns out he’s the owner of the estate where I’m volunteering. And he’s the heir to the English throne. Prince William is hot as hell, and he’s kind of obsessed with me. But this thing between us is completely forbidden. He’s not allowed to be gay, and he’s definitely not allowed to mess around with random American men he met on holiday. We’re very careful to keep our affair under wraps. But we aren’t careful enough with our hearts… * * * His Tuscan Prince by Ella Brighton is a steamy gay romance featuring forbidden love, a swoon-worthy prince, hurt/comfort, soulmates, the dreamy Tuscan countryside, and of course a happy ending.
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