His Promise
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His Promise by Nicole Cypher

Abi... They say Las Vegas is the city that never sleeps. Since I ran from my abusive ex, with my son in tow, neither do I. Blending in to the buzz of Sin City seemed the perfect place to hide... until I stumbled into a situation far more dangerous. He’s breathtakingly handsome, with ties to the Italian mob and political aspirations. And, due to an unfortunate misunderstanding... he thinks I’m a threat. I was in danger before. Now, the cards are stacked against me, and the dealer has an ace in the hole. Colter... My last name has haunted me for years. The reputation of my family proving to be the greatest hurdle of my political career. Until the fiery redhead I spent a night tangled in the sheets with threatens to expose all my dirty secrets to the world. Or... so I thought. The wrath of my family is unleashed on her before I realize my mistake. Like it or not, I’m the only one who can keep her safe from what’s to come. Of all we are gambling on, I never wagered we would fall in love. With our hearts and lives on the line, can we roll the dice and make it out alive? Or will our bluff get called with fatal consequences? Author Nicole Cypher delivers a dangerously thrilling mafia romance with a sizzling fake relationship twist sure to leave you gasping!
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