His Curvy Gift
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His Curvy Gift by Mary E Thompson

Gavin Spending the holidays with my aunt in her small town would have made me insanely happy as a kid. As an adult, I’d outgrown the idea of settling down in a small town and enjoyed my city life. The month I was staying would go fast and I’d be back to normal before I knew it. I hoped. Then I met the curvy server. The one who handled the overly friendly customers with ease and ignored me just as seamlessly. Walking her home at the end of the night felt normal, almost like I could belong there. First, I had to get over everyone knowing everything. But there were perks. Like running in to Piper again. And getting matched with her on an online dating app. Piper Online dating worked for me. I was not looking for more than one night. Relationships and me didn’t mix. I was good with that. But there were always times when I didn’t want to be quite so alone. Like during the holidays. Gavin was different than most of the men I knew. He said we could be friends. He didn’t try for anything more. He said he’s leaving after the holidays and not looking to get involved. He has a life, and it’s not in my small town. So when he asks me to spend the holidays pretending to be dating him, I go along with it. But every fake relationship has to include kisses, and gentle touches, and nights spent between the sheets. I let myself trust him. I let myself believe he was different. I almost let myself fall for him. Never mind. I fell. I just hope he can catch me.
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