His Bunny Baby
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His Bunny Baby by Bella Darling

Bunny Joy is floating through life. She feels like something is missing but can’t figure out what. Not until a goliath of a man takes her breath away. Twice her size with the largest…hands she’s ever seen, Bunny is ready to climb him like a tree and beg him to keep her. Caspian Cole is on a mission to find this elusive product his sister needs, only to run into his forever. They say age is only a number, and until meeting Bunny Joy, he would have agreed. But not all is as it seems with his sweet girl. She has secrets she won’t share, and when the shit hits the fan, he makes a misstep that sends her running. Every good man needs to learn the art of groveling, and Caspian has his work cut out for him in this intensely heated age-gap romance. Buckle up, buttercups, Mr. Cole is about to catch his very own Easter Bunny.
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