Him and I
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Him and I by Sasha RC

Hannah Bane A healthy loving relationship is what we all strive for. A dream of someone to share our life with who will Ride or Die with us. What happens when the flame dies? What happens when the promise turns into a chore? What happens when you become nothing more than roommates, who share a house and the bills? What happens when you feel as if you are suffering in silence? Loving someone is sometimes not enough. There is a difference between loving someone and being in love with them. What if the man you promised yourself to is in fact the man that is slowly shattering you? Do you stay? Do you go? This is my story, the story of how I was dead inside, but found my way to live for me. The story of how my pieces were put back together again. Things you need to know about Him and I Trauma Heartbreak Healing Acceptance Growth Love P/J/C/D MMC (Possessive/ Jealous/ controlling/ Dominant) This is a Dark Romance. This book contains themes and topics that might be hard for some readers. 18 + Please read TWs and CWs (Inside book)
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