Highest Bidder
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Highest Bidder by Jo Aras

Ryland had no idea the auctions even existed, not until another alpha shows him a secret part of the hottest werewolf club in town. There he's entranced as omegas are let out onto a stage to be bid on. The winners get one week and very few rules. It's too tempting for him to resist and when his wolf demands that they take one particular omega home, the deal is set. Brendon is an omega with a secret. One he's desperate to keep from the demanding, possessive, hotter than hell alpha who makes him needy with just a word. This week is supposed to be getting money and having fun. But his secrets might just destroy all of that. His only hope is to keep Ryland distracted enough not to keep asking the questions Brendon can't answer. Thankfully what Ryland wants most is exactly what Brendon wants to give him- his submission, and everything that goes with it. About the Omega Auction Series Some do it for fun, some for freedom, some for kinks, and some for just a bit of extra cash. But every omega agrees to be auctioned to the highest alpha bidder for one week. This is a dark werewolf romance series. Every book after the first, Highest Bidder, can be read in any order. Each story is novel length with an HEA and no cliffhangers. Because these are dark romances, there will be triggers. Themes across this series include: suicide, death, dubcon, force, breath play, choking, pain, claiming, kidnapping, murder, violence, previous noncon, multiple partners, bondage, punishments, and rough sex. Not every trigger is in every story. Non trigger themes: single dads, age gap, virgins, young adults, partner sharing, civil relationships with exes, billionaires, millionaires, alpha men. These are all gay romances.
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