High Country Spring
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High Country Spring by Genevieve Turner

They’ve always been best enemies, but fate has its own plans for their hearts. Felipe Ortega has never met a man he didn’t like. But when it comes to his best friend’s little sister, he can’t stand her. And she’s definitely not a man. But when she stows away on a dangerous hunt, they find themselves trapped together in the mountains… alone. Francisca Moreno is desperate to escape her mother’s attempts to lace her into the corset of propriety. Except her attempt at a grand adventure lands her square in the path of a man who’s only ever thought of her as a pest. A man who gets under her skin like no one else. One starry night they crash into a passionate encounter. As their repressed desires break free—and danger draws closer—they’ll discover how much they’ll risk for the one person they were never meant to love.
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