Hero: The Mountain Man
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Hero: The Mountain Man by Betty Harwin

The kiss is real, the boyfriend is fake. Delilah A red-hot mountain man ruins my wedding. He kisses the ground out from under me right in front of my cheating fiancé. Next, he tosses me over his shoulder and growls, "She's mine," to my cruel, manipulative family. Then, he carries me off to his cabin. His name is Silas Draven. He's my large and in-charge, ex-military hero who has the power to scramble my brain with a kiss. This might explain my unholy decision to fake a relationship with a growly, possessive badass whose stormy gaze is set to smolder. But as our feelings deepen, our fake relationship suddenly feels very real. And when I learn his secret, will I be able to handle the hard truths about him, or will I decide to leave the best thing that ever happened? The Mountains and Curves series is the perfect blend of insta-love, small-town romance and steamy scenes, there's zero cheating and HEA is guaranteed.
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