Her Wagon Train Husband: A Sweet Western Historical Wagon Train Romance (Wagon Train Women Book 1)
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She’s fleeing an unwanted marriage.

Abby Johnson’s sense of adventure is not that of her parents. Facing a marriage she doesn’t want, Abby flees all that she knows and runs away, intending to travel on a wagon train to the Montana Frontier.

He’s fleeing the Pinkertons.

William Campbell has been accused of a crime he didn’t commit. Even worse, he knows who did it—his brother and his brother is on the run. With the Pinkertons on his tail, William plans to head out to Oregon on the next wagon train.

When Abby learns she can’t go with the wagon train unless she’s married, she conspires with William, posing the idea of a fake marriage until they arrive in Oregon. The pair can’t be more opposite, but they need to work together to get to Oregon safely. Will they find a compromise? And what happens with the Pinkertons finally catch up to William and arrest him? Will he be able to prove his innocence?

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