Her Demon Lover
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Her Demon Lover by Veronica Flowers

Unwanted advances at a job interview make it easy for Sophia to refuse a job offer. However, telling her parents the real reason is not an option. The man in question is her father’s best friend. Her father pulled strings to get her that job, and the truth would devastate their family. When things get heated at her graduation dinner, her father gives her an ultimatum. She has six months to find a job or be forced to move back home. Now more than ever, she is determined to become financially independent and break free of her father’s overbearing hold. An opening for a similar position at a local law firm gives Sophia the opportunity she needs. A chance encounter on her first day with a devilishly handsome man sets her world on fire when he is later introduced to her as Jack Morgan, the Managing Partner of the law firm where she works. When an ordinary, run-of-the-mill, new-hire luncheon goes awry, Sophia confides her darkest secrets to him. From this moment, Jack is determined to get revenge on anyone who has ever hurt her. Sophia can’t deny the intensity of her feelings for Jack. The pull she has towards him is otherworldly. She doesn’t realize that Jack is a demon, and she is treading close to the point of no return. Will Sophia stop herself in time to keep from falling prey to his seductions, or will she willingly give in to his temptations? When Sophia unexpectedly goes missing, Jack feels powerless. He realizes that not all problems can be solved with demon abilities alone and finds that he must enlist the help of others to aid in her rescue. As Jack plans his revenge on the ones that took her, will they be able to save Sophia before it’s too late?
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