Her Alpha Bosses
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Her Alpha Bosses by Ava Gray

She will do anything to protect her family. They will do anything to make her theirs… Life hasn’t gone easy on me. I’m determined to make better choice for my ailing mother… But that doesn’t include sleeping with my handsome bosses. Oops - too late. Sawyer Crane is my hot and ruthless boss who demands nothing but the best. My long-standing crush on him develops into a steamy encounter and now I can’t stop thinking about him… But then two more men show up. Kane Lewis, a handsome man from a rich family, often uses his influence for good… But it doesn’t always sit well with other people in the medical field. And Liam Hall, who is passionate about providing healthcare to everyone, has a troubled past that worries me… But he also has an adorable daughter I can’t help but fall for. But when I betray my three bosses trying to protect my mother, all hell breaks loose and I find myself being blackmailed with no one to turn to - except the three men who surely hate me now. HER ALPHA BOSSES is a why choose spicy romance with steamy tropes like office romance, secret pregnancy & kidnapping. Binge on Kindle Unlimited now!
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