Hello Billionaire Beast
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My ex’s brother is an ex-con and the monster I hope never to meet. Except he's also the stranger who took my virginity and now, the father of my baby. The billionaire sponsor of the event I'm catering for turns out to be the same man who rocked my world a lifetime ago. Alex. Although the hard-core tattoos are a new addition, those scorching eyes are the same. They hold dangerous secrets, but they're also calling me back to bed. But this time, I want answers; Answers that should make a good girl run screaming for her daddy. I'm intrigued by this new version of him, and yes, I want to do very naughty things to him. One minute, I'm delving into his secrets, and the next, I’m falling for him. And it seems I've also tumbled right into his world, because suddenly there’s a target on my back. Right now, Alex is the only daddy I want to run to, especially now that I'm carrying his child.
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