Heart of the Mountain
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Heart of the Mountain by Frankie Love

An angel. It’s the worst rainstorm in history when I find her unconscious in the woods. Sent from heaven. She’s lost and alone, a newborn baby in her arms. I will protect them. My cabin is their shelter from the storm. Under my care, no one can hurt them. Whatever the cost. But I’m not who she thinks I am. And if she finds out, she’ll keep on running. My home is her home, my heart her heart. And I sure as hell don’t want to break it. Dear Reader, Were you missing the mountains as much as we were?! James is the virgin burly bearded baby daddy you’ve been waiting for. Can you say that three times fast? Try it. A little louder now. Harder. Harder. Yes. Yes. Wait for it. Ohhh, yessss. Just.Like.That. He likes it when you scream his name. We like it when you come back for more. :) Xo, Frankie & Chantel
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