Harvest Moon
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Harvest Moon by Abby Rice

“A romantic time travel story with a full moon twist.” A family legend lures Jake Tucker to Virginia City, NV to hunt for hidden treasure. But his search takes a wild turn when a burst of full-moon magic casts him back in time to 1886. Stumbling the unfamiliar streets he meets Eliza Newton, on the run from a ruthless uncle and desperate for a place to hide. What begins as a temporary alliance quickly evolves into more, as they share a room -- and a bed -- together. And when the pair discovers they’re both hunting for the same hidden fortune, they agree to join forces to search for it together. But time is running out. With another full moon approaching, Jake is eager to return to the 21st century, while Eliza wants no part of time-hopping. Will time separate their lives forever? Or will their futures – and their hearts -- remain entwined? This is the second book of the Blue Moon Series but can be read as a stand-alone. Like Book #1, it’s a sweet Western romance that weaves time travel with a fun tale of adventure. This time the story includes a hidden treasure in fabled Virginia City, Nevada – and of course another dash of full moon magic!
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