Halloween Hottie: A Dad’s Best Friend, Secret Twins Romance (Forbidden Temptations)
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I escaped a scary reality at home, only to stumble upon a man that was like a hot Dracula between the sheets. That silver fox was my dad’s best friend. And for the past six years, I’ve kept a twin secret from him that he might never forgive me for. Well, Happy Halloween to me. Jeremy Steele makes me question if I have any control over myself. His scent, his touch, and the way his fingers trail my jawline has me in terror. One night with him all those years ago led me to escape... again. Running away is what I do best. But with one of my daughters in serious trouble, I have no choice but to confess. Jeremy is about to find out he’s a girl dad. A role that I see him playing perfectly. But his perfection doesn’t fit into my broken world. With my kids on the line, my heart will have to face reality this time around. Even if love is scarier than the worst demons this Halloween...
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