Guarded by the SEAL (The SEAL’s Protection)
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The hot Navy Seal has been hired to protect me, but who would protect us from our own demons? Harry’s injury led to the end of his career as a SEAL.  But he’s still capable of protecting me.  His job as my bodyguard is quite straightforward.  Keep me away from my abusive and shady ex husband and make sure I’m not taken.  Let me just say that he’s been an overachiever so far.  Not only do I feel safe in his arms, I also feel really taken care of in his bed.  We’ve both been burned before, and love is not on the cards.  Besides, he's way older and his stoicism reminds me that we’re strictly business.  Until we’re not and I’m holding a positive pregnancy test in my hands.  …while I’m in the midst of serious danger.  Our past wounds could destroy our love, but what if I’m no longer alive to even confess my feelings to him? GUARDED BY THE SEAL is a sizzling blend of forbidden desire, pulse-pounding danger, and second chances. Dive into this gripping Navy SEAL romance and prepare for a wild ride of passion and suspense!
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