Guarded by the SEAL (Special Forces: Operation Alpha): A HERO Force Novel
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He left a HERO Force mission to help a woman in jeopardy, not knowing how dire the consequences of that choice would be...
Teslyn McGregor was estranged from her mother when a phone call sets a disaster in motion.
 I'm scared, Tessie. Promise you'll take care of Ivy if anything happens to me. Teslyn races through the night, her entire world exploding when she finds her mother's home ablaze and her terrified little sister hiding nearby.

Former Navy SEAL Wyatt Sorensen should be on a HERO Force mission hunting down a notorious criminal in the mountains of Colorado. Instead, he's driving across two states to help a woman he's never met, her panicked voice on the other end of the line summoning him simply: 
Ghost said you would help me. But how can he trust her when her Jeep matches the plate number on the AMBER alert he passed on the highway, and she's carrying a little girl who seems uncomfortable in her care?

Teslyn must convince Wyatt of her innocence, even with the forces of evil in hot pursuit. Sparks fly between them as they unravel the web of lies surrounding Ivy, but when the HERO Force mission in Colorado goes horribly awry, can Wyatt forgive himself for coming to Teslyn's aid and sending a teammate in his place?

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