Grumpy Girl & Rockstar
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Grumpy Girl & Rockstar by Kathilee Riley

I BREAK RULES. To the world, I’m Jett Briar, the biggest rock sensation alive. Women swoon for me. Men idolize me. But, to that sassy little thing, I met at the liquor store last week, I’m no one. Nothing but the arrogant prick who beat her to the last bottle on the shelf. Oh, she was mad as hell, but there was something else behind those dark, fury-filled eyes and that defiant chin. Intrigue. She wants to know if those headlines are true. She wants to tear away my armor, to tame me. Something no woman has ever achieved. I’m tempted to let her in, just a bit. I know she would regret it. She would beg for me not to ruin her. But it would be too late. It’s a pity my band has that rule never to mix business with pleasure. If only she weren’t working for me now. We can’t afford to lose another manager, especially since Nadia is the best one in the city. So, I can only look. No touching. No bringing that fire vixen to her knees like I want to. Well, until a city-wide tour changes everything.
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