Grumpy Cowboy
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Grumpy Cowboy by Ginger Hudson

Willow Montgomery is determined to turn her new horse ranch around, no matter how many times she has to fall out of the saddle to make it happen! Lovers Creek horse ranch is all that's left of her father's legacy. She'll do anything it takes to make it flourish again. Unfortunately she knows little to nothing in the way of running a ranch. That's where Luke Harrison comes in. As the best (and sexiest) cowboy on the ranch, he knows everything there is to know about horses. Most days, he likes them more than people. He's also the grumpiest man Willow's ever met. So when sparks fly after he reluctantly agrees to teach her a thing or two about horses, well... Willow's left wondering what other riding skills Luke can impress her with. The only problem is if word got out that the new owner's sleeping with one of cowboys, it'd be a disaster for the ranch's reputation. Luckily, no one has to find out. Right? If only it was that easy... Secrets come out when Luke's reckless rival on the ranch finds out exactly what the grumpy cowboy's been up to with the cheerful new city girl. Will Luke and Willow afford to risk it all for love, despite the secrets and blackmail, or will she lose Lovers Creek and tarnish her father's legacy?
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