Grump’s Nanny: Billionaire Boss Age Gap Surprise Baby Romance (Ski Lodge Billionaires)
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Mr. Silver Fox is a widower who needs a nanny, just not another baby mama. Grumpy is a former Olympics athlete with strong muscular arms, toned biceps and piercing green eyes. My G-strings melt at the sight of him. He’s also a single dad with three rambunctious kids to supervise. Apparently, I need supervision too. Late passionate nights between the sheets is all it took to rock my world. Hurts and fears are slowly being washed away as we both open up to love and life again. What a shock when I see the big fat plus sign. Now, I am a cliché. A nanny knocked up by the older boss – a boss with fears of being chased by women as a billionaire baby daddy. I hate to break my news. How do I tell him this little surprise was not intentional? Our future - a lifetime of love OR hate is on the line.
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