Found Objects
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Found Objects by Christine Pope


Penny Briggs is a perfectly ordinary woman. Until her life takes a left turn at Albuquerque…

I thought my marriage would be a fairy tale. Instead, I’ve put a thousand miles between me and my broken dream, starting over with temp job in Albuquerque. Prop shopping for a TV production takes my mind off my troubles — until I buy an old pair of glasses no one on the set can wear.

Curious, I look through the lenses myself — and they show me a wild vision of a lonely desert canyon I’ve never seen before.

A friend directs me and my weird glasses to her cousin, a brujo — a male witch — who specializes in weird. He’s also the most spectacularly handsome man I’ve ever seen, with black hair, dark eyes, and a flashing smile so dazzling, I almost miss his casual remark that my magic is powerful.

Magic? What magic? I’m just an ordinary woman from an ordinary family.

Yet as the two of us explore the mystery surrounding those supernatural glasses — and give in to our growing attraction — I discover a past I knew nothing about. And that there’s a dangerous reason it’s been hidden from me all these years….

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