Ford’s Fight
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Ford’s Fight by Ashley A Quinn

They say breaking up is hard to do. But not when your fiancé turns out to be a ruthless, would-be murderer. After overhearing his plans, hotel heiress Brooke is desperate to get somewhere he can’t find her. With the company’s private jet at her disposal, she asks her friend and company pilot, Ezra, to take her some place far away. She never expected him to dump her in Costa Rica on a surly former Navy SEAL. Ford left the SEALs in search of peace and quiet. Costa Rica offered him that, and he’s reluctant to let anything disrupt his peace. But when the pilot who saved his career and his life asks him to shelter his boss from her murderous ex-fiancé, Ford can’t say no. The fiery heiress challenges him at every turn, making him wish he could put her pretty butt on a plane back to the States. She also makes him wish for things guaranteed to upend his quiet life. As danger looms, he must keep her safe, but is the real danger in losing his heart?
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