Forbitten Fae
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Forbitten Fae by T.W. Pearce


The Vampire King should know better than to fall for a married woman…

Moira is one of the few people he can trust.

A fae healer with a touch that soothes his unbeating heart. The one who wakes a beast deep within him.

The woman of his dreams…Except vampires don’t dream.

It’s taken everything he has to keep his hands to himself. She’s married, and Adrian doesn’t deal in drama.

She belongs to someone else, even if his heart belongs to her.

But Adrian doesn’t know the whole story.

The sweet fae healer has been keeping secrets. Naughty girl!

But when it comes to life and death, and when the King of Vampires isn’t sure who to trust, she’s the one he never questions.

And she proves her loyalty… but at what cost? Find out by ordering your copy now!

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