Forbidden Hearts
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Forbidden Hearts by Corinne Michaels

First rule of being a nanny? Don’t fall for the single dad, even if he is smoking hot. But that’s exactly what happens when grumpy small-town sheriff Asher Whitlock reluctantly hires me to take care of his daughter for the summer. Neither of us is thrilled with the arrangement, but he’s desperate for help, and I need the money for grad school this fall. All we need to do is keep our distance and remain professional . . . turns out, that’s easier said than done. Instead of focusing on my future, all I see is the strong jawline, crystal-blue eyes, and rock-hard body right in front of me. We try to resist each other, but we end up crossing every line until I’m in his bed. I tell myself it’s just this once. Okay, twice. All right, every night. But it’s got to end–he’s fourteen years older than me, with a kid and a stressful job. Have I mentioned my dad is his boss? Then there’s the past I’m trying to forget. Secrets aren’t easy to keep and mine are getting too big to hide. Walking away is never simple but when I do, I can’t look back. Even if it means leaving behind the man I was never meant to love.
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