Flame Series Box Set Books 1-3
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Flame Series Box Set Books 1-3 by Daniella Brodsky


With three scorching second-chances at romance, which will be your fav?
The one who got away?
The one you can’t have?


The billionaire stranger on the train?

She was my first love.
I wasn’t good enough for her.
So I left.
But now I’m back.
And this time, I’m not leaving the island without her.

She thinks she can keep me in the friend zone?
Well, we’ll see about that.
I need Emma, body and soul.
Despite her attempts to conceal the truth,
I know she feels the same.

Oh, timing is a bastard.
I’m about to end things with my girlfriend.
Because she isn’t Maggie–
The only woman I am apparently able to love.

But, when she introduces me to her new friend at dinner and the friend is…
Wait for it…
My Maggie…
I know I’m screwed.

This is all kinds of messed up.
Obviously, I need to run and never look back.
Only all I can think is,
What if this is fate, finally catching up with us?

It’s incredible, the way I can’t stop thinking about that curvy girl on the train.
When my father dies and I have to go back to Australia to deal with the legalities,
It’s like she’s with me, providing the tenderness that he never did.
I swear, she’s the only reason I got through all that.

When I get home and see her on the train,
I know this is going to be the day I talk to her.

But when I realize she’s the single mom tenant
Whose life I've been trampling on,
Not to mention the very same woman my father treated
With the kindness he never showed me,
I know I’m in a whole lot of trouble.

*Formerly published as Aloha Old Flame, Keep Calm and Perfect Your Smolder, and Insanely Hot, Then Not.

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