Finding Liberty
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Finding Liberty by B. E. Baker

★ There are some wounds time just can’t heal. ★ Brekka Thornton is headed for Olympic fame and glory until a car accident destroys all her plans. She redirects her efforts toward conquering the business world with her brother Trig, closing the door on her old life without a backward glance. She’s happy working with him—hacking up companies and rearranging the pieces becomes a new way of life. Until Trig confesses that he’s moving to Atlanta. For the first time, Brekka considers an experimental surgery that could restore the use of her legs. She doesn’t want to be left behind, not again, not by the one person she really loves. But is it worth the risk for a chance to walk again? Can Brekka accept her past and embrace her future? Or will her fear cost her everything that matters? Finding Liberty was a Quarter Finalist in the BookLife Prize. And Publisher's Weekly said, that: [Finding Liberty] has a serious emotional core. The story of two individuals recovering from injury and trauma, and redirecting their lives, is memorable. Baker’s prose is warm, engaging, and fresh, and the voices of her protagonists are both distinctive and immediately captivating. Baker brings a unique and welcome level of depth to her primary characters. As such, their romance carries greater meaning and momentum. The leads are immensely sympathetic, and their chemistry is undeniable.
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