Finding Dolly
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Finding Dolly by Jesse Storm


The blanket of snow covers the state of Colorado as Hudson Owens stands in front of his mother’s fresh grave. It is supposed to be a simple affair after which Hudson would travel back to his home town and carry on with his life.


As Hudson rides through a snow storm and into the town of Ashcroft, he notices a commotion at the sheriff’s office. It turns out that a stagecoach has just been robbed by a gang led by Johnny Daggers, a notorious outlaw of the state. One of the victims involved is a woman called Dolly Miller who had cared for Hudson’s mother before her recent death.


Knowing that Dolly is now the single most important woman in his life, Hudson goes after the outlaws to save her. But with the fears of a lethal blizzard on its way and talk of people going missing outside of towns, the chance of bringing Dolly back alive fades by the day.

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