Fate’s Captive

Fate’s Captive by CJ Holmes

After an ordinary night out, Lily’s life takes a surprising and sinister turn when she finds herself taken prisoner by a mysterious fae with an ulterior motive. She might have the gift of luck on her side but that might not be enough for her to overcome what fate has in mind for her. Lily finds herself plunged into a realm concealed beneath the everyday world of London, where magic and fate hold sway. She’s thrust into a world of danger, conflict and ancient rivalries as the fate of more than one world hangs in the balance. She may hold the key to unravelling the secrets of the Relics of Fate, but she might not be able to unravel the mystery of the captivating and mysterious Raegel. He might be dangerous but she can’t deny her attraction to him, despite the unimaginable truths he reveals and the tangled web of deception woven around them. When her true heritage is revealed, Lily finds herself fighting for more than just her freedom. The love she’s tried to deny might be the only thing that saves her, but she will need to find the strength to challenge destiny itself. As allegiances change and their quest becomes more treacherous, Lily and Raegel are about to discover what happens when fortune collides with fate. Fate’s Captive is book one in The London Fae Court Series, a four-book fae fantasy romance series in CJ Holmes’s paranormal world. This book includes steamy romance, a strong female lead who fights no matter what, a vicious fae lord who can’t be trusted, and a battle to overcome the shadows of the past threatening to consume their future.
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