Family of Fire
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Family of Fire by B08Q2TTVBN

Two dragon clans. One teacher. One student. Fated mates. Morgan doesn’t expect to receive any kindness from the warrior clan. When he is sent by his father to train at the Hoskins castle, Morgan knows he can’t talk his way out of it. He’s alone. He’s vulnerable. He just doesn’t expect to find an alarmingly attractive trainer. He can hardly look away. It’s going to be a problem. Especially if his father finds out that he’s been looking at a Hoskins… Lew is meant to train the noble dragon, not fall in love with him. He never expected to like the stuck-up Morgan. If only the little dragon wasn’t so pretty and delicate, if only he wasn’t surprisingly sweet and timid, if only he didn’t make all Lew’s protective instincts go haywire… There’s more to Morgan than meets the eye and Lew is determined to learn everything. As the two men begin to bond, they find that not everything they’ve been taught is true. The noble uasal can be fated to mate a common curaidh. But not everyone agrees. If Lew and Morgan want to be together, they’re going to have to fight for their love and claim one another before it’s too late. A forbidden love romance between a naïve noble dragon and the older warrior dragon who’s been hired to train him. This book contains explicit language and scenes. The first book in the Dragon’s Mate series, Family of Fire can be read as a standalone with a satisfying conclusion. It introduces some of the characters who get their own happily ever after later in the series. This book is perfect for fans of gay shifters, fated mates and found families. Featuring two dragon clans at war, fierce dragon elders, secret magic, a large number of cousins, protective mates and an HEA. Find out what Lew is prepared to do to claim his mate.
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