False Start (Virginia Valley University Book 3)
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I've studied his playbook, and I'm ready to go big or go home.

As an engineering major, I'm used to being the only girl in the room. Usually, being one of the guys doesn't bother me... except when it comes to Carson Fleck. He's my older brother's best friend and the man I've been in love with for half of my life. Carson seems fine with seeing me as another buddy, but I'm sick of being stuck in his friend zone.

The problem is Carson only cares about three things: scoring in football and with the ladies, and keeping his promise to my brother to watch out for me. There's chemistry sizzling between us, though, and he feels it, too. But how can I convince him that he doesn't need to protect me from himself?

***Winner of the Romance Writers of America Vivian Award***

False Start is a fun and sexy best friend's little sister romance that contains mild adult language and open-door sexual scenes/situations. It is the third book in the Virginia Valley University series. While it is a stand-alone, you may enjoy reading the series in order:

In the Pocket
Fair Catch
False Start
Down by Contact

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