Fake Dating my Baby Daddy: A Surprise Pregnancy, Friends to Lovers Romance (Grumpy Alpha Billionaires (Cavaliers Club))
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I’m fake dating the hottest man alive.
And he doesn’t know he put a baby in my belly.

Gavin Austin. The epitome of sexy.
A real life demigod with sculpted cheekbones and a perfect body to match that 10/10 face.

After seeing the TV report on his recent breakup,
I can’t stop the intrusive thoughts about 
everything I want him to do to me.
It’s just my own little fantasy, for now.

When his jilted ex-girlfriend wants back into his life,
I grab his hand and play 
new girlfriend.

Fake dating for pretenses only… until it isn’t.

Just a flick tingles all my secret spots,
And his touch marks something deep inside me.

The feelings between us just got too real,
And this maverick’s instinct is to run.

But can I make him stay now that he’s my baby daddy?

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