Faire’s Fair
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Faire’s Fair by Grace Grahme


She’s strictly business. He likes to play around. When she starts her new job, will his flirtation leave her exasperated… or exhilarated?

Kathryn Reilly’s business is cashing in on the 1998 tech boom. When her executive client turns out to be the same sexy rogue who nearly seduced her at a Renaissance Faire, she vows to not let the near one-night stand interfere with the contract her firm needs.

CEO Ian Somerland isn’t used to the word no in business or pleasure. Kathryn’s immunity to his charm strikes a chord in him that hasn’t been played in years and he’s determined to win her to his bed. And he never loses.

Kathryn does her best to keep their relationship all work and no play, but her business smarts are no match for his seductive skills and she's fighting a losing battle to stay in the boardroom and out of the bedroom.

Can this playboy convince her that bending the rules might lead to an affair to remember? Or will she turn the tables and beat him at his own game?

For a slow burn romance about seduction, success, and the business that happens in between, read Faire's Fair today! You're guaranteed to meet charming men, savvy women, steamy encounters, and an HEA!


  • "It’s a true old fashioned romance novel (with some modern twists) and I loved every minute of it. It’s a fun summery read. Do yourself a favor and give it a try." ~ Michelle –Chelle's Book Ramblings
  • "Faire’s Fair was a nice story and for a debut novel, extremely enjoyable. It had everything you would expect in a romance… love, heartache, sex, a wee-bit of humor, and an ending that will bring a tear to your eye." ~ Kitty – Guilty Pleasures Book Reviews
  • "The hardest heart can't fail to be warmed by this story. It's a classic love story with all the elements you expect plenty of romance, love, sex, travel, conflict, and resolution." ~ Katherine Black, author.
  • "From the first page the characters in this book jumped off the page." ~ Siofan Davis, author.
  • “The story pulls me along and the characters are complex enough to be compelling without things getting too heavy either. It's definitely a light beach read, but real life is heavy enough.” ~ Amazon Reader
  • “Faire’s Fair is a sexy, boisterous, and yet, thoughtful read. I loved wiling away the afternoon in Scotland and Paris (Texas too). Kathryn is a heroine I can relate to, Ian is tres hot, and I am so looking forward to more books from you.” ~ Amazon Reader
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