Eye for Revenge
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Eye for Revenge by Cheryl Bradshaw

USA Today Best Selling Book.

"Eye for Revenge will keep you glued to the page until the very end." Diane Capri, New York Times bestselling author, Hunt for Reacher series.

How far would you go to get justice for your best friend?

Quinn Montgomery wakes in the hospital. Her childhood best friend Evie is dead. But not just dead, murdered, and Evie's four-year-old son witnessed it all.

Traumatized over what he saw, Jacob hasn't spoken since Evie’s death. And when Evie's cold-blooded killer goes into hiding, Quinn isn't just out for justice, she's out for revenge.

If you enjoy a fast-paced mystery full of twists and turns, you'll love Eye for Revenge. Download your copy today!

Readers are saying:

"No one does it better than Bradshaw, blending a mix of mystery, romance, and a bloody edge of revenge." Janet Fix, The Word Verve

Tension building until the end." Amazon Top Reviewer

"If you want a book that 
grabs you from beginning to end, this is it."

"Pick up this book. 
You won't be disappointed!"

"I was 

"Lots of 
twists and turns."

"A book that 
sucked me in from the start."
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