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Exposure by Annie Jocoby

CJ I'm so sick and tired of the world. All the sh*t that goes on, I just can't take. Cannot take. So, yeah, I've been hiding for the last six months. Haven't left the house. Thank god Scarlett is there to take care of me, because if she weren't....I'd probably be dead by now. I finally do leave the house, and what happens? Asher, that's what happens. Super wealthy, hotter than the surface of hell, with the grace of a jungle cat. I could just imagine what he would be like in bed. But he's dangerous. I can see it in his eyes. And he's definitely hiding something. Definitely. Why can't I resist him? He's the one my mother would have told me about. If I had a sane mother, that is. All I know is that his lips say trouble, but his body makes mine weep. ASHER I need a woman, and I need one right now. My crazy stalker ex-girlfriend won't leave me alone, so I need a woman to pose as my fiancee so that crazy bitch will finally give up. CJ seems like she's game. She's right for me, too, because she won't ask too many questions. If she starts asking questions, then she'll know how many men I've killed. I can't have that. As long as she doesn't get too close to the truth, we can get along. But if she learns the truth, all bets are off. And that would be too bad, because she's sexy as hell. I've been running, though, and I have to keep running. Because if the world knew the truth about me, I'd be done.
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