Esmeralda & Escarlata

Esmeralda & Escarlata by Alejandro Ashes

Esmeralda has a dark side named Escarlata. She's also a succubus. As her powers of seduction and flaming destruction awaken, she will light the world on fire. Enter a steampunk realm of action-adventure erotica with ruthless vigilantes, political intrigue, dangerous courtesans, organized crime, forbidden romance and science-fiction mayhem. Plus, lots of very explicit, over the top sex. Along the way, you'll meet charismatic guildmaster Azul, one of five merchant princes governing the freedom-loving nation of Liberty. He's about to host the Three-Roses Gala at his Courtesana Guild pleasure castle in the hopes of averting war. That means trying to find common ground between the religious fanatics of Dominion, a desert kingdom that kneels before the dominatrix-nuns of the Domina Divina faith, and the technologically advanced Culturati, who rule crystal-powered Commune with an iron fist. Fortunately, Azul has his sultry hot spymaster Daphne and his fierce bodyguard Fiona to rely on. Unfortunately, the Shadow District beneath Liberty is flooding the streets with death's-head faerie dust, there are military bioweapons running amok, the outlaw Rojo is slaughtering anyone in his way and Esmeralda begins discovering what exactly her alter-ego Escarlata has been up to at night. Namely, engaging in lots of sex, illicit substances and murder. And lighting things on fire. Often all at once. Then, when she receives an exclusive invite from Azul to join the Courtesana Guild, right around the same time Dominion friars and Commune clockwork assassins begin targeting her, all manner of sexy mayhem ensues. Love triangles, threesomes, orgies and stylish ultra-violence abound. Not to mention, there are tentacles involved.
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