Entangled in Them
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Entangled in Them by Marissa Farrar

I’ve been given to three men as payment for a job… But what if they don’t want me? The day I’m shoved into an apartment, landing at the feet of three men, my world changes. Dillon, Kodee, and Ryan. They’re more than just business partners… I can tell by the subtle touches, the eye contact, the way they press up against each other. The last thing they’re expecting is a woman coming into their lives. But now they have me, and while their connection excites me, I’ve brought danger into their home. I haven’t only been given as payment. They don’t know it yet, but they’re hiding me from the most powerful men in New York. As the days pass, I find myself entangled in their world. I learn their secrets, their tormented pasts, and they learn mine. I never wanted to risk their lives, but what if I don’t have a choice? Will they sacrifice everything so we can be together… Or am I somewhere I’ll never belong?
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